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At Dog Skills for Life we teach dogs using up to date, science-based techniques that are kind for your dog and fun for everyone. We offer a variety of services, including both classes and one to ones, and these are described in more detail below. No matter the service you choose, you will be guaranteed: 


  • A caring & supportive professional service 

  • Highly qualified staff governed by professional bodies 

  • Support via phone & email 

  • Personalised training plans

  • Relevant handouts with step by step training guides

  • A welcome gift pack


'Positive Start' group classes  (Cost £115)

A seven week course for all ages and stages

The first session is online; a video introducing who we are, the life skills that your dog will be learning, an introduction to dog body language and how to prepare for the course, and allowing you to get the most out of your course. This is followed by six fun filled group classes. As well as all the basics that would be taught in a regular training class, such as obedience and play sessions, we look at showing you how to incorporate training into your daily life with your pooch and set up real life settings to help you integrate the skills you learn in class with the real world. Upon successful completion of the course your dog will receive a certificate and rosette, and a bespoke training plan to take away. As a graduate, you will also have access to our more advanced training courses.


Positive Start course content includes:

  • Walking nicely on the lead

  • Sit, down, stand & stay

  • Leave and ‘drop’

  • Self-control and how to cope with frustration

  • Good manners around food and people

  • How to interact nicely with other dogs

  • Sitting automatically to greet people

  • Building confidence around loud or sudden noises, and other potentially frightening items

  • And a bespoke training plan to take away with you after course completion!


One to one training session
£75 (or £55 via zoom)

Accommodating Your Lifestyle

A one to one can be conducted in the comfort of your own home or at our venue (Elm Tree Pub, Elmton), and includes: 

- A full history of your pet(s)

- 1-2 hour face to face training and behavioural advice

- Diagnosis and personalised training plan

- Follow up email with more info and three months of email/phone support


Whatever issues you need our help or advice with we are here to help. It is also an excellent choice for owners of a new puppy or rescue dog where we can help you get settled into a happy routine with your new addition and give you both the best start together. Email and phone advice is included in the initial cost and any additional visits in person will be charged at an hourly rate of £35.


Amongst other things, this service offers you:

  • Personalised advice for common puppy behaviours such as mouthing, chewing, house training etc. and help you put a quick and simple intervention in place to stop any unwanted behaviours, in a fun and positive way.

  • Advice for owners of a new rescued dog, allowing them time to settle and when you should begin training etc.

  • We can tell you the important things to be focusing on with your dog because depending on their age, breed and your individual dog, as well as your personal circumstances, this will differ for everyone.

  • Providing a behavioural assessment for any problem behaviours and any professional recommendations

  • Any hands on training for things such as loose lead walking, general obedience and recalls.


Behaviour Consultations
£150 for an initial consultation

(After the initial consultation we will provide a quote based on the number of sessions required for treatment and this will be agreed upon with your input and preferences in mind too. It’s all designed with cooperation and to suit you and your lifestyle) 

An on-line/remote alternative is available at a reduced cost of £100

Personalised and Professional

Clare King is a provisional member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC). Provisional members have demonstrated that they have the appropriate level of Knowledge and Understanding for the professional role of Clinical Animal Behaviourist (CAB). They are now gaining the practical experience necessary to be assessed as a CAB and therefore become a full member of the APBC. The APBC supports its provisional members undertaking behaviour consultations. 


If your dog needs help with a specific behavioural issue, Behaviour Consulting with Dog Skills For Life may be a great option for you. Sessions can be done at our venue or in the comfort of your own home. We will take a thorough history of your dog and diagnose the problem, as well as work alongside your vet to create a personalised plan to suit your individual pet’s needs and your lifestyle.


NEW One to one walking package £125

We walk with you and your dog

This includes TWO 45 minute walks with you and your trainer. We walk with you and offer training and behavioural advice as we go 

- Great for reactive dogs, loose lead walking and recalls

- follow up email with a personalised training plan is included in the price

Rescue Puppy

Don’t wait - try any of our services today and give your dog the skills they need to reach their highest potential.

Tug of War

Online courses and training videos

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We are currently developing an on-line library of our on-line services. As soon as they are available you will see the booking information and prices on this page so do check back soon.