Our next group class will begin in November. We have courses starting every four weeks. So you'll never have to wait for long! Sign up today!
All outdoors. Sundays at The Elm Tree, Elmton S80 4LS

Our group classes teach life skills and socialisation, and we always use positive reward based training techniques.


Welcome to
Dog Skills for Life

Puppy and adult dog training, based in Chesterfield

We teach life skills classes where your dog will learn how to be happy, confident, and well mannered. This allows you to switch off, relax and enjoy having a well behaved canine citizen that you can take anywhere with pride. Your dog will know what is expected of them and how to behave in all situations. We also offer tailored one to one sessions and behavioural advice.



Passionate and professional

Training your dog is no longer focused on punishment or fighting to be top dog. As a fully qualified trainer and behaviourist, I'm here to show you how to train your dog in kind, fun ways that will strengthen the bond with your pet. There is no need for aversive measures. I have the skills and knowledge to show you how to read your dog's body language and what they are trying to communicate to you.  

I am governed by professional bodies; working towards full certification as a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist and a member of the Association for Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC). 

Whatever you're struggling with Dog Skills for Life is here to help. Please get in touch because I would love to hear from you. 

Black Dog

"If a whisper is attended to, there is no need to shout"

Understanding a dog's body language and respecting their communication means there should never be a need for a dog to reach biting point 

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